the black cocaine


January 12th, 2010

a COPS fanfiction

by chuck

One day the theme music played “bad boys” and on the bottom of the screen it said “HOUSTON 3:41 AM” and sargeant Hawkins got on his walkie talkie and it said “we have a domestic disturbance at Park and Maple Drive, sargeant Hawkins respond,” and sargeant Hawkins was on the case.

He was in a shit mood but he didn’t care he was hard. The cop car rode up to the intersection and the sargeant Hawkins got out and the camera got out too and there was a White Male about 5’10” 35 years old with tattoos. He was fighting with Hispanic Male 5’3″ about 30 years old. White Male was wearing a wig and a bridal gown and he was smoking crack which he threw in bush “WHAT WAS THAT” said sgt. Hawkins. “I didn’t f–kin do whatever” said White Male. Hawkins say “I got a call about a domestic disturbance are you beating your wife sir?” Hispanic Male immediately got scared of being tasered so he started to run but jumped in trash can to which Hawkins said to Hispanic Male “get out of that trash can”. Hispanic Male said “no” which is the only Spanish word in English. Hawkins tasered him.

White Male is like “you leave Filipo alone you f–k pig cop he ain’t do sh-t f–k cop” and Hawkins say “did you beat your wife” to which White Male said “yes”. “Why did you” say Hawkins but White Male started to think he is a woman so he say “that bitch try to steal my boy friend Filipo” then a gerbil fall out his ass and Hawkins tasered White Male and try and see if gerbil is ok but gerbil is drunk. “Why is gerbil drunk” said Hawkins and White Male say “you’re drunk.” So sgt. Hawkins again tasered White Male and White Male said “rughabugharughabughra”

So White Male got arrested and the wife is dead.

The End <3

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