the black cocaine

About Me

Chuck Green is an astronaut with thirty wives and a 120 carat diamond for a brain stem. He regularly goes on adventures in space seeking the most dangerous of dangers. He was born in an alternate dimension where everyone starts out as a dog and works their way up through cat, zebra, horse and eventually, human. Some beings in this alternate dimension have achieved the corporeal form of god, and Chuck is one of those people. All of his friends are ducks and are extremely rare.

Some say Chuck knows the truth about Area 51, who shot JFK, the Philadelphia Experiment, who really did 9/11, and the Big Bang. These people are correct.

If you wish to contact Chuck, you may do so at any time by bathing a newborn rat in the salt pools of the Forbidden City, setting its living body afire and simply asking your question to the rising smoke. Your answer will come in the form of a terrible dream from which you cannot awake until you are forced to view the hideous truth of Life, which you will never forget, even after you die.

You can also send him an email at:

chuck @

I love you.

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